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Content adding and removing

Where can I see new content added?
To see new content added in Go3 please follow this link https://go3.tv/recently_added

Usually we will be informing you about all new content in Go3 with newsletters and other notifications, that is why we highly recommend you having all communication channels allowed for us to reach you!

How to enable communication options please follow this link
How often do we add content?
Content is being updated each moment (probably even as you read it!).

It all depends what content is being added. For example, TV shows and TV series are being added daily and weekly after their releases while movies can be updated each week too, some of it arrives directly from cinema on monthly basis.
When content is being removed from platform?
There is no exact date or time set for content to be available in Go3. Some of it stays for as long as there are demand from users for others we have limited licenses.
Why we are removing content?
We are always tracking and reacting to user experience, adding new content and removing one that Customers do not watch anymore.
Where can I see content that is being removed?
All content that we are removing is accessible for short period of time, there is not specific place for it currently. However, please see if selected content has title “Last chance” which indicates that it is going to be removed soon.
Will removed content be added later?
If there is high demand for content – we always are considering to put it back for everyone to watch it. However, we can not promise that it will be added in wished time or at all.

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