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Voucher activation

Here you will find full instructions on how to activate Go3 vouchers.

Can I use the voucher if I pay via partners Home3 or Tele2?
Unfortunately there is no option to use voucher if services are ordered through our partners. For all the possible discount options we recommend you to contact them directly.
Should I provide payment details (credit card or PayPal account) when using Go3 voucher?
We recommend providing payment details in order to have the possibility to order to use movie rental and to keep access to Go3 service when the free of charge period is over.

However, if you are using a Go3 voucher, it is not obligatory to add payment details. You will always be able to do that later in your account.

This is how you can add or change the payment method https://abi.go3.tv/en/article/change-payment-method/
What to do if I see a message that it was already been used?
The voucher that you received can only be used once. If you are entering it for the first time and encounter this error, first make sure that you entered it correctly (sometimes there can be some hardly noticeable differences between letter and numbers). We kindly suggest you to double check if it was entered as shown on the voucher.

If you still encounter the same error contact support: https://go3.tv/contact
Can I give the voucher to a friend?
Yes, you can. However, please note that the voucher can only be used once in Go3.
Can voucher be used in another country to access Go3?
The voucher can be used in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Please have in mind that to complete the activation successfully, you would need to verify your location with a local mobile phone number. How to do it, You can find it in this article: https://abi.go3.tv/en/article/geoblocking/

How to activate voucher:

Option 1: open www.go3.tv and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Have a voucher?”

Option 2: Open your browser and enter this page: https://go3.tv/subscriber/voucher

Enter your voucher code in the box and press “Continue”:

Choose “Select”:

The details in the picture might change depending of the voucher that you received.

Register and confirm your registration or if you have an account already log into your account.

You’re all set! Now you can enjoy Go3 anytime, anywhere.

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