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Profiles allow different members of your family to have their own personalized Go3 experience.

Having different profiles is good for having different personalized content suggestions, favourite list, maturity level (content for kids and adults), different “continue watching” memory in platform and more!

What is the difference between profile and subscription?
Subscription is your service/account where you log in to watch content and enjoy your time spent in Go3.

Profile is a feature that let‘s you create inside of your subscription different user interface with personalized content and settings to your liking.

For example, you have one log in to your subscription and two profiles for different family members. Content will be shown accordingly differently in both profiles, depending what you usually watch.

As well in profile you can create your own favourite list of movies!
Will new profile have different log in name and password?
No, your log in credentials will stay the same. Once you log in to your account you can choose „who is watching“ but log in name and password stays the same.
How many profiles can I have?
Up to 10 profiles can be created with unique names.

IMPORTANT: all profiles share same limit to watch content on 2 devices (3 if you have android set-top-box)
Is it paid feature?
This is completely free of charge feature! You will not have to pay anything for it
Can I add/remove profiles anytime?

Please feel free to add new or remove old profiles that you do not need. Create few for every family member to only see what is important for who.

Step by step video instruction how to add/remove profiles

Step by step picture instruction how to add/remove profiles

1. Please navigate to your subscription settings and click on Manage profiles

2. In second window press on visible icon Add new to create profile

3. You will be kindly asked to name your profile, you can enter any name!

Important: Selecting “Profile for child” creates Kids profile where content restriction will be applied for accessing adult content

4. If you wish to edit your created profiles please select Manage profiles and you will see different view where you can:

a) Change name of profile

b) Change profile to Kids and vice versa

c) Completely delete profile

5. Please select profile which you want to edit

6. Make your changes:

Rename, change, delete!

Clicking SAVE will save your settings whereas REMOVE will delete it

7. If you are deleting profile you will see notification that informs you about loss that will happen to your selected profile.

Subscription itself will remain untouched

To switch between profiles simply click on profile that you want to be using!

All interface will change accordingly to your choice

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