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ПО-РУССКИ section

What is ПО-РУССКИ section?
In this section you will find all the content that exists in Go3 and has Russian voiceover or subtitles. So if you prefer to watch Go3 in Russian language, you will have simpler access and you won’t have to manually check if there is a Russian translation for the assets that you want to watch.
Which plan do I need to access this section?
This section is accessible with any plan, but you will only be able to watch the content which is included in your plan. Example: if you have the Sports plan, you will only be able to watch content in Russian which is included in the Sports plan. In case you will try to watch content that is not included in your plan, you will see a message that you have to change it.
Why do I still see content which is not included in my plan here?
This section filters only the content which has Russian translation, it doesn’t filter the content that is included in your plan.
How I can change my plan?
If you see something that you want to watch, but it’s not in your plan – you can easily change it.

Here you can find the instruction on how to do it. If you are subscribed through our partners (Home3 or Tele2), please contact them directly for any questions related to a plan change.
Is it necessary for me to change my language to Russian if I enter this section?
When entering the section, if your platform language settings are not set to Russian you will see a pop up suggesting you to change your language settings to Russian.

It is not mandatory, however, for the best experience we recommend you to change it.

Important: once you enter this section and start watching your default language for content will be Russian. This means if you had a different default language for content, in order to watch assets in that language you will have to change it manually, instructions can be found here.
I see content in this section but it does not have Russian translation
If you will notice that the asset you are trying to watch does not have Russian voiceover or subtitles, but it should have, please contact our customer support team, so we could investigate why this happened and fix it.

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