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Information for Apollo TV customers

What changed for me?
Apollo TV and Go3 joined their forces in order for consumers to get even more entertainment and more great content at one place.
How do I log in to Go3?
To log in to Go3, please do the following:

If you were using Go3 before – log in to Go3 using your Go3 username and password
If you had only used Apollo TV – log in to Go3 using your Apollo TV username and password
Why did this change happen?
The owner of Apollo TV decided to sell the business.
When is final date for the change?
Since December 1st you are no longer able to access any content in Apollo TV. To access various of shows, movies or channels please login to your Go3 subscription.
From when I can login to Go3?
Access to Go3 is available since December 1st 2022.
How much will I have to pay now?
You will pay as much as you were paying before. Amount will not change unless you make subscription changes on your own.
Will my billing date changes?
Your billing date will stay the same unless you make any subscription changes yourself.
If for any reason that would not be possible we would inform you separately with details.
What Content I will be able to see?
In Go3 you have ability to reach TV shows, series, movies, Live TV, Sport events, Kids, documentary and much more.

TV packages has 40+ channels, Movie package has all shows and movies, Sports gives you access to Sports channels and events. Pick one you need or combine what you like.

TV channels list you can browse here: www.go3.tv
What package will I have?
Your Apollo package name will change in Go3 in this logic:

Standard -> TV+Films
Entertainment -> TV+Films
Premium -> All inclusive

If you had Apollo package with Kids, Movies addon -> All inclusive

More about packages you can find here: https://go3.tv/subscription/monthly/combine
Can I unsubscribe/cancel the subscription?
Starting December 1st you can unsubscribe any time in your Go3 self service. If you wish to do it you can find how here https://abi.go3.tv/article/lopetamine/
In which devices can I watch Go3?
You can watch Go3 using WEB browser, iOS and Android mobile or tablet devices and on big screens using Smart TV.

To check if you meet minimum requirements please refer to this article https://abi.go3.tv/article/tehniline/
How to watch on TV?
To watch on TV you need to download application. Currently you can do it with devices meeting minimum requirements (URL) on Samsung, LG, Android TVs and Hisense.
On how many devices can I watch at a same time Go3?
You can be loged in on 5 devices and watch content on 2 at a same time. If you have Set-top-box you will be able to watch on total of 3 devices at a same time.
To get set-top-box (recommended for 3rd stream or if your TV is not matching requirements) please fill in your contacts in https://go3.tv/contact-message
What are the technical requirements to using go3?
Internet speed should be minimum of 10mb/s and your device updated. For in depth minimum requirements please follow article https://abi.go3.tv/article/tehniline/
I have Apollo set-top-box, how can I watch Go3 using it?
Navigate to app store, download the Go3 app, log in to your account.
What are the Customer support working hours?
Go3 customer support works daily 10:00-20:00.
In what language I can watch content?
Majority of content is available in Estonian language and Russian, English or Latvian and Lithuanian. To see if channel or specific content has your desired subtitles or audio translation simply click on settings button in video menu or follow instructions how to do it in this article https://abi.go3.tv/article/pleieri-seadistamine/
Will my equipment warranty be active?
Yes, during all your active subscription period we will assist with warranty of equipment topic.
Do I need to return Apollo equipment if I continue using Go3?
No, you can keep Apollo equipment for yourself.
What is Go3 Original?
Go3 Original is exclusive content created for Go3 subscribers and is not available to anyone else. We have over 100 titles already and counting!
Why can’t I find show that I liked in Apollo?
Almost all shows and more you will be able to find in Go3. However, to name few, you will not be able to watch anymore for now: Melchior, Armastuse malev, Naised vormis
What to do if my set-top-box or router stopped working?
Please contact Customer support via email at info@go3.tv
How can I change my package?
If you want to change your package you can do it in your account settings. If instruction is needed please follow this article https://abi.go3.tv/article/paketi-vahetamine/
What to do if Go3 service is not working?
If you are facing technical difficulties using Go3 please refer to this article in help page https://abi.go3.tv/article/torked-go3-kasutamisel/
Where can I look for help?
Majority of questions are covered in our FAQ page, just use search or simply explore and you will find what you want. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the Help section, please contact us https://go3.tv/contact

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